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Alcohol and mental health self-care

Alcohol and mental health self-care

alcohol is not a food with any nutritional value and is limited in its ability to act as a remedy. Foods contain substances such as sugar, starch, oil, and glutinous matter that are used to support the body, while the glutinous principles of food, such as fibrine, albumen, and casein, are used to build up the structure of the body. Alcohol does not contain any of these substances and does not possess the qualities of structure-building foods. It does not have the capacity to generate force in the body or supply anything essential for the nutrition of the tissues. Alcohol contains no nitrogen and has no constructive power. Experiments conducted by medical professionals have shown that alcohol cannot be transformed into tissue or generate heat and force in the body. Therefore, alcohol has no nutritional value and is not considered a food.

On the other hand, alcohol is often used as a source of energy and can provide a temporary feeling of warmth, but this is not a true production of heat. Dr. Hunt explains that "it is but a false flag, which may beguile for a time, but which sooner or later must be furled." In fact, the temporary feeling of warmth caused by alcohol is actually due to the dilation of the blood vessels in the skin, which leads to an increased flow of blood and a sensation of heat. However, this causes a loss of heat from the body and can lead to a dangerous drop in body temperature.

Furthermore, alcohol interferes with the digestion and absorption of other nutrients, particularly those that are important for tissue-building and repair. It also has a negative impact on the liver, the brain, and other organs, and can lead to a variety of health problems, including addiction, liver disease, and neurological damage.

 while alcohol may provide a temporary feeling of warmth and energy, it has no nutritional value as a food and does not support the body's tissue-building and repair functions. Its negative effects on the body make it a poor choice for anyone seeking to maintain or improve their health.

In conclusion, alcohol has been extensively studied by experts in the medical field, and the consensus is that it has no food value. It lacks the essential elements needed for building and repairing tissues and cannot provide the body with the nutrients it needs for proper nutrition. Additionally, alcohol cannot generate heat or vital force in the same way as other foods, and its effects on the body can interfere with proper nutrition. As such, it is not considered a true food and should not be relied on for nourishment. 

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