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Forgetfulness: causes, treatment, and how to improve memory

 Forgetfulness: causes, treatment, and how to improve memory


Forgetting is a natural process that the brain undergoes, during which information or events stored in memory are lost or faded. This forgetfulness can be partial or complete, and it may be temporary or permanent.

Forgetting is normal in some cases, such as when we forget the names of people we meet for the first time, or when we forget a simple detail of a moment to remember later. However, forgetfulness can be a problem when it affects a person's daily life, such as when they frequently forget things or are unable to remember key information.

Forgetfulness can be caused by several factors, such as aging, fatigue, stress, neurological diseases, trauma, and some medications. Poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise can also lead to forgetfulness.

It is important to distinguish between normal forgetfulness and pathological forgetfulness. In the case of pathological forgetfulness, a doctor should be consulted to determine the cause and take the necessary measures for treatment.

Factors contributing to forgetfulness

There are many factors that can contribute to forgetfulness, including:

  1.   Lack of focus: When a person is not paying attention or is distracted, they can easily forget things.
  2.   Fatigue: When a person is tired, they are more likely to be forgetful.
  3.   Stress: Mental and physical stress can reduce the brain's ability to store information and remember.
  4.   Non-active use of memory: Active use of memory, such as remembering and memorizing things, solving puzzles and riddles and memorizing the phone serial number, are effective ways to enhance memory.
  5.   Aging: The brain's storage and retrieval capacity declines with age.
  6.   Neurological diseases: Neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, can affect the brain's ability to remember.
  7.   Certain medications: Some medications, such as tranquilizers, antibiotics, and antibiotics, can reduce the brain's ability to remember.

You should see a doctor if forgetfulness is chronic or affects daily life.

Forgetfulness treatment

Memory can be improved and forgetfulness reduced by following some general tips and procedures, as follows:

  1.   Doing mental exercises: Solving puzzles and riddles, memorizing numbers and appointments, and other memory exercises can help enhance the brain's ability to remember.
  2.   Good sleep: Care must be taken to get enough sleep, as good sleep helps regenerate and restore brain cells.
  3.   Healthy nutrition: You must eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as healthy and balanced food promotes brain health and improves memory.
  4.   Concentration training: The ability to focus and pay attention to things should be improved, as this can help reduce forgetfulness.
  5.   De-stress: Reducing stress can be done by improving personal techniques for coping with stress, such as yoga, meditation and exercise.
  6.   Pharmacological treatment: In the case of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, some doctor-approved medications can be used to improve memory and prevent neurological decline.

You should see a doctor if your forgetfulness is chronic or affects daily life, as he or she can recommend the most appropriate treatment for your specific condition.

Materials that help treat forgetfulness

There are some substances that can help improve memory and reduce forgetfulness, as follows:

  1.   Ginkgo biloba: It is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is believed to contain substances that help improve blood flow to the brain and improve memory.
  2.   Omega 3: an essential fatty acid found in some types of fish, and is believed to help improve memory and reduce forgetfulness.
  3.   Turmeric: A plant substance used in traditional Indian medicine, it is considered an antioxidant and helps improve brain function and reduce inflammation.
  4.   Caffeine: Found in coffee and tea, it is a stimulant for the central nervous system and may help improve temporary memory.
  5.   Zinc: An essential mineral that helps improve brain function and memory, and is found in some foods such as meat, fish, and grains.

You should consult your doctor before using any of these substances, as some of them can interact with other medications or cause side effects.

  Vitamins and minerals: Some vitamins and minerals play an important role in brain function and memory, such as vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, and folate. It can be obtained from foods or nutritional medicines.

  Mental exercises: Mental exercises and various memory exercises are considered one of the effective ways to strengthen memory and reduce forgetfulness. Examples of this include solving puzzles and various games, and memorizing stories, poetry and various things.

  Healthy nutrition: Healthy nutrition plays an important role in brain health and memory, and foods rich in nutrients important for brain health and memory should be eaten, such as fatty fish, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

  Good sleep: Good sleep is important for brain and memory health, as during sleep the body can repair tissues, strengthen memory and rid the body of toxins.

It should be noted that these substances are not a sure cure for forgetfulness, but rather substances that help improve brain and memory functions and reduce forgetfulness in some cases. A doctor should be consulted before using any of these substances, and they should not be relied upon as the only solution to treat forgetfulness.

In the end, we must remember that forgetfulness is a normal and common thing among humans, and it can be a cause for anxiety in some cases, especially if it is related to diseases or brain injuries. But in most cases, forgetfulness can be reduced and memory improved by adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, paying attention to eating healthy foods, and practicing mental and physical exercises, in addition to avoiding factors that increase the chances of forgetting such as stress, stress and insufficient sleep. In the end, we have to accept the nature of forgetfulness and try to improve brain function and memory by taking care of our general health.

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