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The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Internal Organs

The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Internal Organs

Alcohol consumption affects many organs of the body, causing damage that can be fatal. The stomach is one of the organs most affected. Alcohol inhibits the production of normal digestive fluids and impairs the absorption of food. This can lead to nausea, emptiness, prostration, and flatulence, causing an aversion to food and a desire to drink more alcohol. As a result, alcoholics can develop a permanent disorder known as dyspepsia, which leads to severe indigestion.

The liver is another organ that undergoes severe structural changes due to alcohol consumption. The liver has the ability to retain active substances in its cellular compartments, and is often the central repository for foreign substances during intoxication. Likewise, the liver of an alcoholic is never free from the influence of alcohol and is often saturated with it. The membranous or capsular structure of the liver is affected, resulting in improper dialysis and free excretion. The liver swells, dilates its vessels, supercharges fluid substances, and thickens tissues. The lower parts of the alcoholic become metabolized by the obstruction presented by the veins to the returning blood. The liver can also accumulate fat cells, leading to a condition called "fatty liver."

The kidneys also suffer from excessive alcohol intake. The vessels of the kidneys lose elasticity and contraction force, and the microstructures in them undergo lipid modification. Albumin from the blood passes easily through its membranes, which causes the body to lose its strength, as if the blood is gradually running out of it.

The dangers of alcohol to the lungs and heart

Alcohol consumption poses a major threat to the health of the lungs and heart. The lungs are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and alcohol can easily cause congestion. During the winter seasons, alcoholics are particularly susceptible to sudden, fatal congestion in the lungs.

Also, alcohol weakens the heart. The membranes covering and lining the heart thicken and become cartilaginous or calcareous, resulting in permanent valve disorder. The structure of large blood vessels coming from the heart undergoes similar changes, losing elasticity and strength. The cardiac musculature also fails due to degenerative changes in the tissues, in which the muscle fibers are replaced by fat cells or transferred to a modified tissue with significantly reduced contractile force.

Low-hearted people often don't realize unless they've progressed too far, with central failures in power for minor reasons. They may feel a "sinking" sensation, which can be relieved by wine or other stimuli. However, this treatment will eventually fail, and the heart will become too stressed to perform its functions, leading to a potential flood of tissues or a complete cessation of blood flow.

In conclusion, alcohol consumption can cause significant damage to the lungs and heart, leading to fatal consequences if left unchecked. It is essential to be aware of the risks and prevent drinking accordingly.

In conclusion, alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on the internal organs of the body. From the stomach to the liver and kidneys, alcohol can cause permanent disorders, fatal structural changes, and severe damage to organ function. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent drinking to maintain good health and prevent health problems in the long term.

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